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Saint Panteleimon's is an Orthodox Christian parish of Russian tradition serving the New South Wales Central Coast and the northern suburbs of Sydney.  We are a parish of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, a self-governing part of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Established in 2000, our parish is one of the newest in our Diocese.

Saint Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Church
4/7 Comserv Close; WEST GOSFORD, NSW 2256 Australia
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Updated 11 September 2021: The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and the public health measures implemented to manage it have had a profound impact on life around the world.  Our Holy Orthodox Church is not exempt from this.


As Orthodox Christians have done during the many other outbreaks of contagious illness – epidemics and pandemics – throughout history, our parish is offering prayers for God’s mercy, for deliverance from sickness, for the pacification of troubles, and for the strengthening of the faithful with hope.  Attending to the wise guidance of Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, we are also taking the COVID-19 public health risk seriously and complying with the precautionary measures mandated by the civil authorities in our state of New South Wales.  This includes the suspension of public services and, when public services are permitted, limits on the number of people present and on singing; registration of attendance to assist with contact tracing; and the wearing of facemasks.  We offer obedience to these restrictions with the understanding that, as Metropolitan Hilarion has noted, they are being undertaken for our benefit.


We have also introduced a number of simple sanitary measuresat parish level.  The customary form of receiving Holy Communion remains unchanged.


From the earliest days of parish life in Gosford we have had an informal meal after Sunday services.  This has been cancelled for the duration of the current pandemic, a change to parish life that many have found difficult.  We hope that face-to-face opportunities for much-needed Christian fellowship will become possible again soon.


We have registered as a COVID-safe place of worship.  Our parish COVID-19 Safety Plan, guidance from the higher church authorities, links to public health information, a selection of prayers, and links to streamed liturgical services from other parishes able to provide them, are available here.


Many of our parishioners and friends have asked about the permissibility of COVID-19 vaccines.  As with other kinds of vaccination, this is not a matter of spiritual life.  Those concerned about health risks arising from COVID-19 vaccines are encouraged to discuss the matter with their own medical professionals.  Noting that there are differences within our hierarchy and amongst the faithful concerning the newly developed vaccines, we encourage all to show kindness, patience, and mutual respect.

Updated 11 September 2021:  As of 9 September 2021, places of worship on the Central Coast remain closed to members of the public until the Monday after NSW passes the 70 per cent double-vaccination target.  Exceptions may be made for funerals and memorial services.  Information about current restrictions is available here, and information about the planned easing of restrictions is available here.  At this stage, it is hoped that our church will be open for public services on the weekend of 6-7 November, the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost.  Information about attendance arrangements when our church is again open will be posted in due course.

Our parish is a small one that relies wholly on community support to make ends meet.  If you have found this website to be of interest or of use, please consider helping us.  Donations may be made directly to our bank account:


St Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Community of Gosford 

BSB: 032-596 Account number:  140923


May the Lord bless you!

Parish life in August 2021 - 01/09/2021

As a result of ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions, no public services were held in our parish during August 2021.  With just one or two singers assisting, our parish rector served behind closed doors on the following days: Saturday-Sunday 7-8 August, the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost; Sunday-Monday 8-9 August, the commemoration of Great-Martyr Panteleimon; Saturday-Sunday 14-15 August, the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost; Wednesday-Thursday 18-19 August, the Great Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord; Saturday-Sunday 21-22 August, the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost; Friday-Saturday 27-28 August, the Great Feast of the Dormtion of the Mother of God; and on Saturday-Sunday 28-29 August, the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost.  At each Divine Liturgy the Prayer in time of Devastating Epidemic was read and prayers were offered for our living and departed founders, benefactors, parishioners and friends.

An academic conference to mark the Centenary of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia - 25/11/2021

In 2020 our Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia observed the centenary of its foundation.  To mark this historic anniversary, an academic conference will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, in November this year.  Titled ‘Links between Times: Conclusions and Perspectives – On the Centennial of the Russian Church Abroad’, the conference has been organised by the Archive of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the website Historical Studies of the Russian Church Abroad.  The conference will be broadcast live.  A detailed program with information about registration is available here.

Jubilee Epistle of Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad - 31/12/2021

In a Jubilee Epistle to the clergy and faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, Metropolitan Hilarion writes: “In this special year of the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Holy Right-Believing Alexander, that wise diplomat and ruler, and the centennial of the I All-Diaspora Council – which took place from November 21 to December 2, 1921, in Sremski Karlovci – the Russian Orthodox people living in the Diaspora are called to augmented prayer, the doing of good deeds in all respects, and a private examination of the tablets of history, so that, by drawing from it much-needed strength and inspiration, they might continue in fortitude and renewal of spirit the patient bearing of their life’s cross. We celebrate anniversaries in our lives and honour the jubilee celebrant; so must we also unite ourselves in one common assembly and with great zeal confirm ourselves in Holy Orthodoxy, by no means shaming the memory of the Venerable Prince and of our ever-memorable forebears in the Diaspora, or the honour of our dear Mother – the Local Russian Orthodox Church”. The complete Jubilee Epistle can be read in Russian here and in English here.

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