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Saint Panteleimon's is an Orthodox Christian parish of Russian tradition serving the New South Wales Central Coast and the northern suburbs of Sydney.  Our parish includes Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, and Orthodox Christians of other backgrounds.  We are a parish of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, a self-governing part of the Russian Orthodox Church.  We use Church Slavonic, the liturgical language of the Slavic peoples, and English, the language of this country, in our services.  Established in 2000, our parish is one of the newest in our Diocese.

Saint Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Church
4/7 Comserv Close; WEST GOSFORD, NSW 2256 Australia
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We have services on the first and third Sundays of each month and on the preceding Saturday evenings.  We also have services on some major feast-days during the week.  Our current Schedule of Services can be viewed here.  Our church is generally only open when we have services.  Visitors are always welcome! If you would like to contact us before visiting, it is best to send an email.  We check this inbox regularly and will respond to messages within 24 hours.  You can also contact us in the same way to arrange baptisms and memorial services.  Please don't hesitate to reach out!

Our parish priest, Archpriest James Carles, serves here in a voluntary capacity.  He has secular employment on two days per week and is presently undertaking full-time tertiary study.  In addition to our parish, he has responsibility for Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Newcastle and Saint Symeon of Verkhoturye Orthodox Mission on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.  During study periods (in 2024, 19 February-15 June and 22 July-16 November) his pastoral availability is strictly limited to scheduled services in the three communities; individual “needs” that arise in connection with these scheduled services (e.g. confessions, molebens, and memorial services); essential parish administrative tasks; and end-of-life care and funerals.  Father James is available to talk after Divine Liturgy on the Sundays when we have a service.  He can also be contacted by email.

Our parish is a small one that relies on community support and the voluntary service of our clergy to make ends meet.  If you find this website to be of interest or of assistance, please consider helping us.  Donations may be made directly to our bank account:


St Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Community of Gosford 

BSB: 032-596 Account number:  140923


May the Lord bless you!

Services on 9-10 March, the Sunday of the Last Judgement - 10/03/2024

On Saturday 9 March and Sunday 10 March we will have services for the Sunday of the Last Judgement, the third preparatory Sunday for Great LentMatins will be served at 6.00pm on Saturday and the  Hours and Divine Liturgy will be served at 9.00am on Sunday. As Saturday 9 March is a day of commemoration of the departed, Matins will be preceded by a general panikhida at 5.00pm.  Those attending the panikhida may, as an act of kindness in memory of their departed ones, bring non-perishable foods (tinned vegetables and fruit, long-life milk, pasta, rice, cooking oils, and pantry items) to be passed to a local charitable organisation for relief of the homeless.

Our Autumn 2024 Schedule of Services - 18/02/2024

Our Autumn 2024 Schedule of Services - covering March, April and May 2024 - is now available in digital format.  It includes all our services for Great Lent, Holy Week and Pascha.  Our parishioners and friends are reminded that during Autumn 2024 we will have services on the second and fourth Sundays of each month and on other days as scheduled; we will return to our usual pattern of services on the first and third Sundays of each month during Winter 2024.  A copy of the English-language Autumn 2024 Schedule of Services is available here, and a copy of the Russian-language Autumn 2024 Schedule of Services is available here.  Printed copies are available in church as of the weekend of 17-18 February.

Services on 17-18 February, the Thirty-Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - 18/02/2024

On Saturday 17 February and Sunday 18 February we had services for the Thirty-Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, the Afterfeast of the Meeting of the Lord, and in honour of Martyr Agatha of Palermo (+251 AD).  All-night Vigil was served on Saturday evening and the  Hours and Divine Liturgy were served on Sunday morning.  At Divine Liturgy the parish rector was assisted by Deacon Michal Matys and prayers were offered for peace in the Holy Land and peace in Ukraine.  As the Thirty-Seventh Sunday after Pentecost was this year Zaccheus Sunday, the final Sunday before the period of preparation for Great Lent, the parish rector spoke in his sermon about Zaccheus as a model of repentance.    Following Divine Liturgy our newly-elected Warden, Vladimir (“Rick”) Golovin, took the Oath of Office, after which the parish rector congratulated him on his election and ‘Many Years’ was sung. The Ladies’ Auxiliary then served freshly-cooked piroshki.

Services on 14-15 February, the Great Feast of the Meeting of the Lord - 15/02/2024

On Wednesday 14 February and Thursday 15 February we had services for the Great Feast of the Meeting of the Lord.  All-night Vigil with the blessing of wheat, wine, oil and five loaves was served on Wednesday evening and the Hours and Divine Liturgy were served on Thursday morning.  At Divine Liturgy the parish rector was assisted by Deacon Michal Matys.  In accordance with the custom of the Australian parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, there was a blessing of fruit at the end of Divine Liturgy in addition to the traditional Orthodox blessing of candles.  Following Divine Liturgy the parish rector spoke briefly about the events commemorated and about four ever-memorable clergymen of our Diocese: Archbishop Paul (Pavlov) (+15 February 1995), Archpriest Nicholas Grant (+14 February 1995), Protodeacon Vasily Hadarin (+13 February 2021), and Protodeacon Constantine Moshegov (+ 30 January 2022, ordained deacon 15 February 2007).  A memorial litia was then served for them and for our newly-reposed parishioner, Tatiana Johansson (+13 February 2024).

The February 2024 meeting of the Parish Council - 12/02/2024

In the early evening on Monday 12 February the Parish Council met by videoconference.  The minutes of the January 2024 meeting were ratified and the usual reports on parish life and finances were presented by the rector and the treasurer respectively. The parish rector gave an update on the implementation of our new Child Safety policies and procedures and on the status of a number of other administrative projects.  Our Head Sister Nina Golovin advised that the Ladies’ Auxiliary would be preparing piroshki for sale on Sunday 18 February and blini on Sunday 10 March.  The next meeting of the Parish Council will be face-to-face and is scheduled for Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Services on 3-4 February, the Thirty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost - 04/02/2024

On Saturday 3 February and Sunday 4 February we had services for the Thirty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost and in honour of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.  All-night Vigil was served on Saturday evening and the  Hours and Divine Liturgy were served on Sunday morning.  At Divine Liturgy the parish rector was assisted by Deacon Michal Matys and prayers were offered for peace in the Holy Land and peace in Ukraine.  As it was the weekend closest to the commemoration of Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg, the patron saint of our Ladies' Auxiliary, a memorial litia was served following Divine Liturgy for all our departed founders, parishioners and benefactors.

A Pastoral Conference of the Australian New-Zealand Diocese - 03/04/2024

On Tuesday 2 April and Wednesday 3 April, the clergy of the Australian-New Zealand Diocese will gather in Sydney for their customary Great Lenten Pastoral Conference.  On Tuesday the clergy will meet at the church of All Saints of Russia, Croydon, for the Rule of Preparation for Holy Communion at 5.00pm and Lenten Matins and confession at 6.00pm.  On Wednesday from 8.00am the Hours and the Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts will be served at Saints Peter and Paul Diocesan Cathedral, Strathfield, with Bishop George presiding and the clergy concelebrating.  Those of the faithful who have the opportunity to do so are encouraged to attend the service on Wednesday morning – smaller parishes like ours do not customarily have the Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.  Those who wish to do so may – if properly prepared – receive Holy Communion.  Following Divine Liturgy the clergy will meet in the parish hall at Strathfield for lunch; to hear a number of short talks; and to discuss pastoral, liturgical and administrative matters.

The Fourteenth ROCOR All-Diaspora Orthodox Youth Conference, Stuttgart (Germany), 25 June-1 July 2024 - 01/07/2024

From 25 June to 1 July 2024 the Fourteenth All-Diaspora Orthodox Youth Conference of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) will be held in Stuttgart, Germany.  The All-Diaspora Youth Conferences, which began in Montreal, Canada, in 1972, bring together ROCOR youth from around the world.  Over the years, many important friendships have been formed at these conferences.  The theme of the 2024 Conference is “Preserving our Orthodox Identity and Heritage in the Diaspora”.  It will be held at a retreat in the mountains near Stuttgart and lectures will be in Russian, English, and German.  The conference program will also include excursions, sports, cultural activities, and a youth ball.  Youth (aged 18-24) of the Australian-New Zealand Diocese who wish to attend should email for further information.

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