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Services on 10-11 February, the day of commemoration of All Saints of Yekaterinburg - 11/02/2016

On Wednesday 10 February and Thursday 11 February we had unscheduled services in honour of All Saints of Yekaterinburg, our parish rector having visited some of the holy places of that region - Yekaterinburg itself, Ganina Yama, Alapayevsk, Verkhoturye and Merkushino - in October 2015.  All-night vigil with the blessing of wheat, wine, oil and five loaves was served on Wednesday evening and Divine Liturgy was served on Thursday morning.  For perhaps the first time ever, the greater part of the evening service for these saints was sung and read in English, the Slavonic service having been recently translated by Reader Isaac Lambertsen for the occasion.  At the litia all sixty-three of the saints were commemorated by name, together with a sixty-fourth, the newly glorified Passion-bearer Evgeny (Botkin) the physician.  Following the Prayer before the Amvon at the end of Divine Liturgy a brief moleben was served and a prayer to the saints was read.  All Saints of the land of Yekaterinburg, pray to God for us!

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